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Phytophageous parasitics control

Endotherapy is an effective methodology that can be used on almost all types of plants and in particular ornamental plants, to combat infestations and diseases caused by insects and fungi. The method, based on the injection of specific substances into the trunk, allows the parasite to be hit in all branches and leaves, even the most distant, exploiting the ascending sap that brings water and minerals into every cell of the plant from the roots.

The advantages of endotherapy, compared to traditional treatments performed by spraying biocide solutions, can be summarized as follows:

The active ingredients are distributed in a capillary way, regardless of the height of the plant, which is impossible to achieve with the common spraying systems with which, the biocide solutions are placed not only on the leaves and bark, even on everything that is found under or near the plant, where among other things they can persist for a long time and come into contact with children, adults and pets.

With the endotherapic treatment, only the species harmful to the plant are affected, preserving e.g. the life of useful insects such as pronubi (bees and bumblebees) and auxiliary (insects predators of other insects).

The endotherapeutic treatments can be carried out without risk for the population even on plants close to the houses as in the case of squares or urban streets, even on windy days, without the risk that the biocides reach the houses.

Non ultimo il fatto che un trattamento endoterapico protegge la pianta dall’attacco degli infestanti per un periodo decisamente più lungo rispetto ad una semplice irrorazione.

Regarding the risks of the small wound that must be practiced in trees (which the plant also undergoes for several other reasons: worms, birds, pruning, etc.) these can be eliminated by using a specific procedure that provides:

Reduced bore diameter (3-3.5 mm)
Depth not higher than the first two to three annual growth rings
Precision in the execution of the holes
Use of particular equipment
Disinfection of the hole to promote healing


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