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Monitoring and control of harmful rodents: deratting with standard methods or with ecological traps


Deratization allows us to eliminate mice from our home, garden or office. It must be carried out by specialized professionals, able to evaluate the best techniques and the best products to use and above all, to evaluate any effects of disinfestation on humans and pets.

ZEROBUG is a leading company in Livorno and Pisa, with regard to mice and rats remediation. Our techniques to eliminate mice and rats are designed for private environments and companies, paying particular attention to the different needs of our customers and the environments in which to intervene.

Do you need a professional detoxification intervention? Do not hesitate, contact us immediately.

Mouse traps and various techniques of deratization, must first of all think about the safety of people and their pets, as well as being effective despite the increasing resistance of rats and rats to the most common elimination solutions.

Warning! DIY solutions could be very dangerous for your family and not decisive. Our advice from industry experts is to contact a qualified company.


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