Cockroach Control

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Prevention, control and disinfestation of cockroaches


The presence of cockroaches in the house and especially in the kitchen is certainly a nasty surprise that should alarm us and run for cover, forcing us to ask for timely disinfestation from cockroaches. Addressing the problem of cockroaches at home or in other environments immediately, is necessary to effectively eliminate the infestation and solve the problem more easily.

Prevention is essential in all public and private places where cockroaches love to live and multiply, like kitchens of restaurants, bakeries, bars, offices, as well as home environments such as kitchens, bathrooms but also gardens or basements.


To counteract and solve the infestation it is necessary to eliminate the cockroaches from all the infested and neighboring places, through a disinfestation work carried out by specialized professionals.

The ZEROBUG disinfestation company has been operating effectively for years in the provinces of Livorno and Pisa. Contact us for a free inspection, we will study the best solution for your disinfection of cockroaches!

The infestation of these unpleasant insects can be dangerous for our health and that of our loved ones as the faeces and saliva of cockroaches are possible carriers of bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella, different types of hepatitis and even typhus where the disease is still widespread. Furthermore, in 2009 Kramer and Brenner showed how cockroaches are one of the most important sources of allergens, half of the asthmatic people are allergic to cockroaches.

Once identified the infestation is good that it is immediately eradicated by killing cockroaches. Generally in these cases, non-toxic glues are used for monitoring and, if necessary, insecticide baits inside the dwellings and with specific liquid insecticides inside the drains and the drainage system to eliminate the root problem and in total safety for those who live the infested structures.

As these pests can transmit unwanted diseases, it is important to disinfect surfaces where they may have come into contact with disinfectant products or to request treatment with high pressure steam.


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